Project Rating

Realization and financing of projects is a key driver of our economy and an expression of the continuous change in customer needs and market structures. As a credit rating agency, we support project financing in the direct sphere of influence of the public sector and primarily on behalf of investors by assigning a project rating.

In Switzerland, our focus is primarily on project financing for renewable energies (wind, water, sun, geothermal energy) as well as for joint projects between local authorities on the one hand and between local authorities and private investors (PPP) on the other. In principle, project ratings can be awarded for business models that are only just being planned or are already on the market.

The rating methodology for assigning a project rating is largely based on the creditworthiness of the owners, operators, and/or guarantors involved in project financing (anchor rating). The award of a project rating therefore requires the prior assignment of a well-founded cantonal, municipal, or company rating to the relevant parties. In order to make a well-founded assessment of the project risk, we subject the various design options and specific framework conditions of projects to a thorough examination. Rating process is based on the data and information required for a well-founded rating.