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fedafin - Single recognized Swiss credit rating agency. Leading in independent credit assessments of issuers and their issues.


We are 100% independent, which is an essential requirement for the recognition of relevant institutions:


We are broadly anchored in the Swiss credit and capital market. Our clients include around 100 institutional investors and capital seekers, including:

  • Leading, medium-sized, and small pension funds
  • Insurance groups and health insurance companies
  • Large, cantonal, regional, and private banks
  • Swiss Stock Exchange SIX
  • Bond-listed corporations


Our rating universe, including continuous monitoring, comprises:

  • all Swiss municipalities
  • all Swiss cantons
  • about 350 companies

This includes both the issuers and their bonds.

The entire universe and various publicly available ratings can be found in e-Ratinge-Rating.

We are happy to cover additional issuers or issues on request and where possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

ESG: Environment, Social, Corporate Governance

As of the 2020 reporting season, fedafin discloses the influence of credit-relevant ESG factors on the credit rating of listed companies.

Investors also have the opportunity to subscribe to an ESG rating per issuer as a complement to the credit rating.

Our broad coverage of bond ratings also includes green, social and sustainability bonds. You can find out which ones here.



21.09.2023 Ratingupdates Gemeinden im Kanton Basel-Landschaft
21.09.2023 Ratingupdate Ville Lancy
15.09.2023 Ratingupdates Gemeinden im Kanton Solothurn
14.09.2023 Ratingupdate Aéroport International de Genève
08.09.2023 Ratingupdate Siegfried
05.09.2023 Ratingupdates Gemeinden im Kanton Zürich
01.09.2023 Ratingupdates Gemeinden im Kanton Luzern
31.08.2023 Ratingupdates Gemeinden im Kanton Schwyz
29.08.2023 Ratingupdates Gemeinden im Kanton Thurgau
09.08.2023 Ratingupdate Energie Seeland

Extension of recognition by FINMA

With its decision of March 4, 2022, FINMA also declares fedafin's corporate ratings to be usable for all regulatory purposes (excluding real estate, investment, insurance and banking companies, and similar financial services providers). In addition to the ratings of municipalities and cantons, we now also have the same recognition for corporate ratings as the international rating agencies.

So far, our corporate ratings were recognized for tied assets of insurance companies. Now, these ratings can also be used for the Swiss Solvency Test (SST). In addition, Swiss banks can use them to calculate own funds requirements and risk diversification. "With fedafin's equal regulatory treatment, the Swiss financial industry will be considerably strengthened. There is significant added value for both Swiss investors and issuers," says Dr. Tobias Guldimann, Chairman of fedafin's BoD.

The FINMA recognition is a result of our efforts to continuously professionalize our rating models and processes. As an independent Swiss credit rating agency, we comply with extensive national and international requirements. These include, in particular, organizational requirements relating to credibility and independence.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Widnau, March 9, 2022


Dr. Adrian Oberlin, Managing Director fedafin AG
Tel. +41 71 552 32 01



Would you like an independent credit rating for your company? Get in touch with managing director Adrian Oberlin!



Our analysts will let you know which documents are required for a sound rating. We will also arrange a date for a management meeting to discuss your case-specific questionnaire.



Our rating committee assigns your company a so-called desktop rating. This is a snapshot without monitoring and without any external purpose. The rating report is deliberately kept short.



If you decide to use the rating to obtain financing on the credit and/or capital market, the rating committee will issue an ordinary rating including monitoring. The rating report comprises around 10-30 pages for the capital market or around 2-4 pages for the credit market.



You can publish the credit rating report online via e-Rating. You have the choice of making it available exclusively to our contract clients or to the general public.

Issuer Rating

For the investment needs of institutional investors, we provide a comprehensive and continuously covered universe of cantonal, municipal, and corporate ratings. Our ratings allow banks, insurance companies, and pension funds to actively select and diversify with an above-average risk/return profile in the credit market.

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Issue Ratings

For management of CHF bond portfolios, we offer a continuously covered rating universe with corporate and bond ratings of companies listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Our ratings allow banks, insurance companies, and pension funds to actively select and diversify CHF bonds based on an independent risk assessment.

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Project Ratings

The realization and financing of projects is a key driver of our economy and an expression of the continuous change in customer needs and market structures. As a rating agency, we support project financing in the direct sphere of influence of the public sector and primarily on behalf of investors by assigning a project rating.

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