Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds

Our broad coverage of bond ratings includes also the following Green, Social, and Sustainability Bonds:


Basel-Stadt - KantonCH0394905712Green
Basel-Stadt - KantonCH0419040883Green
Basel-Stadt - KantonCH0419040891Green
Genève - République et CantonCH0387879031Green
Genève - République et CantonCH0387879049Green
Genève - République et CantonCH0505011913Green
Genève - République et CantonCH0505011921Green
Genève - République et CantonCH0505011939Green
Zürcher KantonalbankCH0373476677Green
Zürcher KantonalbankCH0419041238Green
Zug EstatesCH0494734426Green


Would you also like to issue a Green, Social, or Sustainability Bond? Together with our partner Climate Bonds Initiative, we would be happy to advise you on this. Please contact us!