Investors (Investor Solicited Ratings)

We provide sound cantonal, municipal, corporate, real estate, mortgage, and bond ratings to meet the investment needs of public and private institutional investors. Our clients include:

  • Leading, medium-sized, and small pension funds
  • Insurance groups and health insurance companies
  • Large, cantonal, regional, and private banks
  • Swiss Stock Exchange SIX

Issuers (Issuer Solicited Ratings)

We offer well-founded company ratings for various needs (financing, strategy, owners, etc.) of a company by direct order. Issuer and issue ratings are mainly issued on behalf of large and medium-sized companies in the Swiss business sector. These include, among others:

  • Aarekraftwerk Klingnau
  • Alpiq
  • Bank Cler
  • Bühler
  • Flughafen Zürich
  • Gazprombank (Schweiz)
  • GZO (Spital Wetzikon)
  • Hirslanden
  • Hochdorf
  • Kantonsspital Baden
  • Kantonsspital Winterthur
  • Kinderspital Zürich - Eleonorenstiftung
  • Kühne + Nagel
  • La Tour (HDLT)
  • Limeco
  • Luzerner Kantonsspital
  • MCH Group
  • Orior
  • Panalpina
  • Primeo Energie
  • Primeo Netz
  • Psychiatrische Dienste Aargau
  • See-Spital
  • Spitalverband Limmattal
  • Stadler Rail
  • Universitätsspital Zürich
  • Vifor Pharma

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